With KDK Interior Design, I'm part of the creative process. So not only is my interior design unique, it's also uniquely me. The end result is not merely a design statement, but a reflection of my identity - from the things that I like, to the way I want my friends and family to feel. -Tom Wyatt, Winter Park

"I wanted to take a moment and extend my appreciation for what you have been doing for us.  I am amazed at how quickly you put together a furniture plan, paint plan and managed all the various components as we get closer to the deadline.  I was delighted with yesterday’s presentation and Olivia and I will get some decisions this weekend. Very easily I might add since you have narrowed it all down to a place where no matter what we choose “it will be fabulous”, if I may steal a quote from SF herself.  My sincere appreciation, SFDG is world class." -Gary Belmonti

"We’re so glad that this project has been as rewarding for you as it has been for us. We are *thrilled* with what you’ve helped us to accomplish, and often find ourselves falling in love with the enhancements all over again (e.g. in the middle of making dinner, realizing for the umpteenth time that our new island is perfect for us, both in form and function). You have our most sincere thanks for your effort, creativity (especially with the budget), kindness, and attention throughout this process -- we’ll absolutely turn to you as new needs develop." - Heather and Eugene

" I've got to come up with some new adjectives. Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous... I'm using them too often. I just wanted to tell you that I just finished walking through the bathrooms (again.) They finished putting in all the sinks and faucets and some of the towel bars and paper holders and Randy is finished with the stone. In every bathroom I said, "This is the most beautiful one." Then I walked on and said, "No, this one is even more beautiful." That went on and on. Each one is its own little work of art and yet, each is so different, and yet, each belongs to the whole. I once said that I wanted to use different doorknobs and hardware in each room and you told me (and you were absolutely right) that it would take away from a cohesive look. But you were able to do something like that by giving me completely different finishes and stone and colors and sinks so there's no boring sameness and yet they belong to the same house so perfectly. I'm astounded by the beauty of this house and ever so grateful that I found you. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your incredible talents." - Warmly, Jenell

“I never hesitate to send our clients to KDK Interior Design. It's always a win/win situation. The ideas of the design team are innovative, creative, and really bring out the individual style and personality of each homeowner. Susie and her team are great partners with our clients because they are open communicators and know how to make a client feel comfortable about all the decisions that are made in the design process.” - Orren Pickell, Orren Pickell Designers and Builders